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Who and What is Crankee Yankee®?

Have you ever noticed how everyone is just a little bit angry these days – how everyone seems to be offended by something – how patience seems non-existent – and how everything is politically incorrect?

We have, and that’s what inspired our Crankee Yankee clothing line. We think it’s time to get back to developing and enjoying a sense of humor. We want to have a little fun with those things that annoy us daily.Dave, Marianne, Brian

Contrary to the name, we are a team that refuses to take life too seriously. We provide exceptional products to people who are going to rock the hell out of them!
The politically incorrect masterminds of this project are Marianne Linehan and her two sons, Brian and Dave. The seed of the idea was hatched in the spring of 2017. 

In the truest sense of the word, we believe that all residents of the United States are Yankees or Yanks - not just those who live north of the Mason-Dixon line or those who live in New England. So, we’re taking a wide view on the subject matter. Let’s have some fun. Let’s smile more.

Once profitable, we intend to donate a portion of our profits to suicide awareness and prevention organizations in memory of Dave Linehan who took his life in 2017 shortly after we started brainstorming ideas for the Crankee Yankee line.

Crankee Yankee® is based in E. Hampstead, NH. The business name is a registered trademark.

(And, yes, we know that Crankee is not spelled correctly. Take a deep breath, and get over it. It’s an eye rhyme.)